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Home Health Care Workers Often Face Dangerous Situations


Home Health Care Worker Finds Patient Bound, Murdered at Home


Police in New York City are investigating the death of a man who was found bound in his bed by his home health care worker. The 59 year old victim was apparently bound with telephone wire, his hands and feet, and then possibly strangled with a towel. While the authorities haven’t released the cause of death yet, neighbors expressed shock and said that the victim was well-liked throughout the neighborhood, even though he may have been a little “slow,” as his neighbors has expressed.

The home health care worker took care of the victim a few times a week, stopping by to check on him and providing the support that he required at the time. The in home care provider’s name was not released by the police department, nor did they state whether or not this caregiver was a suspect in the case.

The victim lived in an East Harlem home that was next to the FDR highway, a MTA bus depot, and the exit ramp to the Robert F. Kennedy Bridge. This makes determining the perpetrator potentially more challenging, as this area has a high number of outsiders wandering through.

It is not clear precisely what services the victim required from the in home care provider, whether it was for health reasons or basic care requirements. Neighbors talked about how the man would get outside every day, say hello to people on the sidewalk, and walks around talking to other people throughout the neighborhood.

Officers stand outside the apartment building where a man was found dead on June 26, 2014 (Credit: Carol D’Auria/1010 WINS)  A nearby body shop owner, Steven Goldman, said about the victim, “He’s very friendly. He goes out of the apartment everyday, walks up and down the block; friendly with everyone (CBS Local New York).”

This situation highlights the danger that home health care providers face in certain neighborhoods across the country. They may have to traverse into potentially crime ridden neighborhoods to check on a patient or provide services for the individual. Some cities provide protection for these caregivers, but only a limited few.

Every time that a home health care provider goes to a patient’s home, there is risk involved. However, these caregivers go about their jobs with compassion on their hearts and do so regardless of the risk. They care for the patients and understand that they need support and assistance at home. In this instance, the home health care worker was the one who found the victim. If this worker hadn’t been there, who knows how long he would have been in there before someone found him.