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Beyond Midlife: The Other Side of Sixty


Jane-Gassner1-300x200MidLifeBloggers as it had existed, I wasn’t sure what this thing I was calling Beyond MidLifeBloggers: The Other Side of Sixty would be. When I started MidLifeBloggers back in 2007, I was responding to the ubiquity of the youth- and mommy- oriented internet. I envisioned my site as a gathering place for all of us, no matter our age, who identified as being in the middle of our lives, a place for our experiments in recreating ourselves as we moved through middle age. Then I was more or less a lone voice speaking to and for those who identified as being in midlife.

Today, however, there are a number of sites offering community and counsel as well as a platform for expression to bloggers in their 50s. The midlife community continues to grow and is now incredibly well-served. But for those of us in our 60s and beyond? Not so much?

Midlife I have always insisted is a state of mind, but there is definitely a point at which you age out. The topics and issues, dreams and worries that concerned me in my 50s are pretty much settled now that I’m in my 60s. I don’t need to think and read and learn about menopause because that is truly old news. My friends and I also seem to have settled the issue of ourselves as sexual beings: some of us are and some of us aren’t, but all of us are content with our choices. Too, we’ve mostly resolved the plastic surgery/filler issues in our own ways, according to our personal beliefs and pocketbooks and we’re past the empty nest issues as well. Career-wise, there’s a settledness about us. Gone is the urgency to Become Something. One way or another, we’ve come to terms with who and what and where we are in our world.

So then if sex, career, and beauty are not burning issues for us, what is? Well, there’s always love. Our relationships, our friends and the world itself are still high on the list of things we want to talk about. And you know that thing about age and wisdom–thinking and talking about the future, what it is, what we want it to be, how to achieve it? Good old-fashioned philosophizing is something my friends and I do a lot of. There’s company and comfort in discussing those big issues, the taboo issues like death and dying, because at the other side of sixty, you know while you may not have all the time in the world, you now are free to think and be however you want.

Over the six months since I closed MidLifeBloggers as an on-line magazine, I’ve worked to hear myself and to get a sense of how I want to continue. As my official bio says, I “was, am, and will always be a writer.” Writing–and teaching writing– is how I want to spend the next decade or so of my life. If as part of that, I give voice to an underserved demographic again, so much the better. Beyond MidLifeBloggers, The Other Side of Sixty becomes, then, a natural evolution from MidLifeBloggers, and it will use the same url and exist in the same place. It will be a place for showing the world that there is indeed life after 60–and that it is good. If you’d like to be a part, let me know.
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Jane Gassner

Jane Gassner (who may also be Googled as Jane Gassner Patrick) is, was, and will always be a writer. She had plied her craft in just about every situation that calls for putting words on paper or screen.
She has earned her living as a magazine feature writer, a documentary producer, a creative writing teacher, a scholarly writer, a business writer, a print editor, a radio reporter, and a non-fiction book writer.
She has not earned a penny for but is also experienced at film & TV scriptwriting (she lives in LA and that’s what you do when you’re a writer in LA).
After a side trip into academia (ABD in English Lit) and a very brief blip as a family therapist (MA in Psych), Jane now produces the MidLifeBloggers Group, which includes:

MidLifeBloggers, now in its fifth year


The MidLifeBloggers Writers Workshop

A Google+ Community, MidLifeBloggers & Beyond

MidLifeBloggers The Journal

In all of these sites she connects to all parts of herself: writer, editor, teacher, curator, innovator.

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