The ElderSense Senior Care Video Room

At ElderSense, sometimes we see a wonderful video that tells a story about seniors, or gives information about caring for an elderly loved one, or makes suggestions for how to find a place for mom or dad, or find the best caring situation for your senior care recipient.

In addition to presenting to the ElderSense Caregiver Network, ElderSense’s Senior Housing area and ElderSense’s Aging In Place information area, we will, from time to time, pick videos that will help you to help you find a place for mom or dad, find the perfect caring situation and to get insight into how your senior care loved one may feel, and what they need to make their aging as happy as possible

The Lesson: Listen to your elderly loved one. Seniors have their own needs from their loved ones.

No matter how old you may be, the most important part of Aging and becoming a Senior is keeping young and being happy about who and where you are!

85 year old best friends show that aging does not mean you get old!–mkzfHuIE

We have heard of Alzheimer’s and Dementia, but what is the difference?   Information for those caring for an elderly loved one who may have Alzheimer’s or Dementia.

Choosing the right senior housing option? What do you need to know? You have heard of Aging In Place, Independent Living, Assisted Living, Managed Care and Nursing Homes – this short video explains the difference.