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what to look for in housing

Here are some helpful hints.

  • Do Residents Appear Happy
  • Accessibility, Walkers and Wheel Chairs
  • Ramps and Rails
  • Activity Schedule
  • Medication Management
  • Staff to Patient Ratio
  • Competent Kitchen
  • Care Management
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Senior Life in Mesa, Arizona

If you want to retire in a town as family-friendly as it is open to senior citizens, you should definitely check out Mesa, Arizona.

Often overlooked by its wealthier neighbor Scottsdale, Mesa has been coming into its own in recent years, boosted by a first-rate Arts Center in a revitalized downtown cultural district served by fast, clean light rail.

Like Scottsdale, Mesa offers options for urbanites and those who like more open spaces. The main difference is Mesa’s affordability for both seniors and families. So it’s no surprise that more seniors are choosing to retire here, including long-term residents.