Terms and Conditions That Apply to All Transactions:

1. This digital licensing and reprint service enables you, the “User”, to obtain licenses to make certain uses of the online content of many copyright holders (each a “Rightsholder”). Licenses granted through this service are granted by the Rightsholder in the content for which you are seeking a license and from whose Website (containing the content) you reached this service. This service is administered by Copyright Clearance Center, Inc. (“CCC”) and your use of the content is governed by these terms and conditions, BUT your use will ALSO be governed by the terms and conditions which are set individually by the Rightsholder whose material you seek to use; the Rightsholder’s terms and conditions will be made available to you in the course of the licensing process for each transaction. You, as User, will be deemed to have accepted and agreed to all of those terms and conditions, as well as these terms and conditions, if you use the Rightsholder’s copyrighted material in any fashion. CCC reserves the right to send electronic mail to you for the purpose of informing you of changes or additions to this service.

2. User hereby acknowledges and agrees that User is responsible for any transaction entered into through this digital licensing and reprint service and identified with User’s user name and password (if on account) or User’s credit card information (if by credit card). It is User’s responsibility to maintain the secrecy of such information, to notify CCC immediately upon learning of any transaction entered into through this service that was done so without User’s authorization, and to use the appropriate automated services within this digital licensing and reprint service to alter passwords and standing payment information whenever necessary to preserve secrecy. User represents and warrants that User is at least 18 years old if User is a person (as opposed to a company or other organization); that in any event User is legally capable in User’s place of residence or business of entering into the agreement created by these terms and conditions and Rightsholder’s terms and conditions; and that the individual opening an account or seeking transactions under this digital licensing and reprint service on behalf of any User that is a business, corporate entity or other organization is duly authorized by User to do so.

3. Use of User-related information collected by this licensing service is governed by CCC’s privacy policy. CCC’s privacy policy is accessible through CCC’s website www.copyright.com and from numerous locations throughout the webpages comprising this licensing service.

4. As among User, CCC and the Rightsholder, all materials available for licensing, as well as all rights therein, including copyright rights, remain the sole and exclusive property of the Rightsholder. All trademarks not belonging to the Rightsholder, as well as all software and other elements that you encounter in the course of using this digital licensing and reprint service, as well as all intellectual property rights therein, remain the sole and exclusive property of CCC and are not licensed to User in any way. While User may exercise the rights licensed immediately upon issuance of the license at the end of the licensing process for the transaction, the license is automatically revoked, and is null and void as if it had never been issued, if complete payment for the license is not received on a timely basis either from User directly or through a payment agent, such as a credit card company. All rights not expressly granted are reserved; any license granted may be further limited (on a Work-by-Work basis) as set forth in any restrictions included in the Rightsholder’s terms and conditions applicable to the transaction (which will be provided at the end of the licensing process, at User’s option, on paper or electronically).

5. User hereby indemnifies and agrees to defend CCC and its employees, agents, representatives, officers and directors, against all claims, liability, damages, costs and expenses, including legal fees and expenses, arising out of any use of licensed material beyond the scope of the rights granted, or any use of any licensed material which has been altered in any way by User, including claims for defamation or infringement of or damage to rights of copyright, publicity, privacy or other tangible or intangible property.