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what to look for in housing

Here are some helpful hints.

  • Do Residents Appear Happy
  • Accessibility, Walkers and Wheel Chairs
  • Ramps and Rails
  • Activity Schedule
  • Medication Management
  • Staff to Patient Ratio
  • Competent Kitchen
  • Care Management
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Phoenix has much to offer its senior citizens to enhance their lives, with entertainment, religious organizations, shopping, dining, transportation and health care.

One of the most popular reasons seniors move to Phoenix is the weather. While the summer months can be quite warm at 100 degrees average, the rest of the year is mild and comfortable, making for a simple lifestyle with no snow to shovel or bitter cold to contend with. While some of the winter evenings can get chilly, there will be very little need for a heavy coat or any kind of boots.

In the Phoenix metropolitan area there are 15 senior centers that offer socialization opportunities and a variety of classes. In addition, lunch, with previous reservations, is provided five days a week at these centers.