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Fletcher Farms Assisted Living Fletcher Farms is an assisted living facility that was established in 2010 and it is licensed and audited by the  Read More...

Availability: No
Resident to Staff Ratio: 04-1

Rates Starting at: $3000.
ALTCS/Medicaid: No

Type of community: Assisted Living, Residential Assisted Living

License number: AL8173H

Type of community: Assisted Living, Residential Assisted Living

Pets allowed: No

Recreation: Library, Media Room, Beauty Salon/Barber, Outdoor Patios

Amenities: Housekeeping services, Laundry service, WiFi/Internet, Daily check in system

Residence: Shared rooms with shared bathrooms, Shared Home

Room Amenities: Cable hook up, Bedside call system, Wheel in shower, Electronically controlled beds, Security offered, Door Alarms

Price: From $3000/Month, A la carte

This is the minimum price for this facility - fee's increase based on the level of care.

Nursing care: Provided for 8-24 hours a day

Physician Care: Physician on call in facility

Activities of daily living: Dressing, Assistance walking, Toileting, Bathing, Medication management, Shaving, Tray service

Full Activity Calendars: Bingo, Movie night

Fletcher Farms Assisted Living

Fletcher Farms is an assisted living facility that was established in 2010 and it is licensed and audited by the Arizona Department of Health Services. They are located in Peoria, AZ and the cross streets are 75th or 83rd Ave. and Deer Valley. The total capacity is directed care for 10 residents.
The facility is approximately 3,000 square feet with plenty of open space and a great room with dining room, family room, and kitchen. A master suite is available and the TV area in the great room is also like that of a “mancave” but open to all residents in addition to each room having a TV inside.

Assisted Living with Comforts of Home

They have private and semi-private rooms with Cable TV, WI-FI Internet connection and phone line in each room.
Their trained caregivers are dedicated to providing excellent care in the comfort of a worry-free family home environment, while maintaining the respect, freedom of choice and dignity to all residents.

They monitor the vitals – blood pressure, pulse, temperature, oxygen levels, blood glucose levels of clients daily and clients are weighed at least monthly.
At the start of each day, caregivers get residents up for daily oral care and a semi-bath [full bath is given on designated days through hospice for those on hospice and non-hospice residents] and assist with dressing and personal hygiene/upkeep. Breakfast then follows.

They accommodate every resident’s needs offering nutritious home-cooked meals, catering to special dietary needs such as for diabetic residents. A daily menu is available for all meals and they ensure that residents receive a balanced diet consisting of the 4 basic food groups: meats and fish, breads and cereals, fruits and vegetables and dairy. Various snacks are also offered during the day such as fresh fruit/fruit juice, assorted cookies, yogurt, and ice cream.

Medicine Management

They manage each resident’s medications by initially entering them in the Fletcher Farms’ system upon checking into the facility. They set the meds in the resident’s individual pill box for each day of the week as they do a weekly medicine setup.

They order new medication/refills for residents working with local pharmacies and physically pick up the meds and cover co-pays, and then bill family members for reimbursement. Prior discussions and permissions from family members are required before proceeding. For hospice clients, they work with the staff directly to keep meds filled. For non-hospice clients, they work with their designated doctor’s office to order new medications for all clients.

Memory Care Practices

Fletcher Farms manages dementia or memory-care by directing residents for their daily activities. They instruct residents by using phrases for activities such as eating, saying “they are going to eat now” which encourages them to eat and doesn’t put them in the dilemma of having failed to respond. They use straightforward and simple sentences about residents’ daily activities as the best option to communicate clearly with them. They use simple words and short sentences, and use a gentle, calm tone of voice. They also avoid talking to the resident like a baby or talking about them as if he or she is not present.

Distractions such as noise from the television or radio are minimized to help the resident focus on what is being communicated to them. They make sure that they refer to the resident by name to ensure that they have their attention before speaking to them and frame questions and instructions in a positive way and allow enough time for a response, being careful not to interrupt. If the resident is struggling to find a word or communicate a thought, they gently try to provide the word for which he or she is looking.

Senior Lifestyle Activities

Based on residents’ needs, they have entertainment such as movies and board games for residents to play such as bingo and checkers. On designated days, caregivers may play games with residents. Daily recreation activities are enjoyed by all of their residents and families.

Laundry, linen services, and housekeeping are provided daily.
Visiting hours are from 9am to 6pm; moderate to low noise level to is imperative to avoid disturbing other residents along with controlled and peaceful behavior, non-use of profanity or offensive language by the resident or family, no offensive gestures or paraphernalia. Also, TV/radio in resident’s room is not to be on high volume when family members visit and no alcohol or drugs are permitted in the facility, nor incense or high volume fragrances.
Holidays and birthdays are celebrated by providing cake and ice cream to mark the occasion or if family members are available to be present, they can provide the treats of their choice.

Fletcher Farms has an Emergency call and interior and exterior video monitoring system.
They manage Tuberculosis Skin Test for residents.
The communication services that they provide for family members to reach residents is by telephone and skype may be used if the resident has a laptop and the staff can assist to set up the skype session or Facetime is also be available with prior notice and arrangements.
The nearest hospitals are Abrazo Arrowhead Hospital, Banner Bostheyll Medical Center, Banner Del E Theybb Medical Center, St. Joseph’s Theystgate Medical Center, Honor Health Medical Group, Bostheyll Hospital, Dignity Health AZ and General Hospital.
Rates are based on level of care and include everything except personal medical costs and supplies
And many payment options can be accommodated.

Our Care Services

• Skilled caregivers on duty 24 hours/day
• On-call Physician & RN & Podiatrist available
• Medication & Health management along with Tuberculosis Skin Test
• Diabetes insulin scale administration
• They specialize in memory care
• In-house beautician/barber available
• Three nutritious meals & snacks daily
• Recreation & games
• Birthday & holiday celebration
• Transportation service available to doctors’ appointments

Fletcher Farms Assisted Living currently has availability, please call us at (623) 521-5856 for a tour.

what to look for in housing

Here are some helpful hints.

  • Do Residents Appear Happy
  • Accessibility, Walkers and Wheel Chairs
  • Ramps and Rails
  • Activity Schedule
  • Medication Management
  • Staff to Patient Ratio
  • Competent Kitchen
  • Care Management
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