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Be Smart When Hiring Caregivers – Tips For Your Interview


While ElderSense does all it can to make sure that its Caregiver Network only contains the best and most experienced caregivers, it is up to you to interview any potential people you may hire to take care of your loved one.  In addition, by looking for ElderSense caregivers with a Vetted Seal on their profile, you also know they have had an ElderSense Vetted Caregiver Background Check which you can ask them to give to you when you meet them.  More info about background checks for Caregivers by clicking here.


Make It A Safe Eldercare Caregiver Interview

Here are some basic tips on things you should do before sitting down with your caregiver applicants:

1.    Before scheduling interviews with potential caregivers review their profile on ElderSense to make sure that they have the qualifications needed.
2.    You may want to use the ElderSense “Mail It” function on the upper right of the caregiver’s profile page to send the resume to relatives                                                                               who are also participating in caring for your loved one.
3.    Check ElderSense for user reviews on any caregivers you may be meeting
4.    Arrange to meet the caregivers for interviews in a public place like a coffee shop so others are there, and it is a nice relaxing way to meet                                                                            another person for the first time over a cup of coffee or tea, to allow you to get to know each other.
5.    Ask your interviewee to bring appropriate documents, licenses, resumes, recommendations and such.
6.    Be smart, bring a pad and pen, and listen closely!


Make It A Safe Caregiver Interview For Your Senior Care Love One

A lot of the questions you may want to ask are likely listed on the caregivers profile on ElderSense, but ask them the same questions again to assure the information is consistent and accurate.  You will want to adapt the list of questions for your specific use, but here is a list you can start from:

  1. Of course ask them for their full name, address, home phone number, cell phone number, and the best time to call.
  2. Tell them your decision making process and time period so they know when you may need their services.
  3. If your loved one is sensitive to smoke, or just does not like it, ask if the caregiver smokes.
  4. Need them to drive for errands or picking up food and groceries or just to take trips?  Then ask them to bring their driver’s license, make sure they have a car and ask how far they are willing to drive to get to the job and how close they live if you need a quick fill-in.
  5. What can they do in an emergency (other than call for help)?  Do they know CPR?
  6. If they have gotten an ElderSense Caregiver Vetting Background Check, ask them to bring it.  If not, then ask them if they will have an ElderSense Vetted Caregiver Background Check run on them before hiring them.
  7. Tell them the type of assistance you need for your elderly love one needing home healthcare to make sure they can take care of your senior care needs.
  8. Does your elderly loved on have pets, dogs, cats?   If so make sure your caregiver does no have allergies or phobias.
  9. Review the hours for eldercare that you need the caregiver to work and confirm that his or her schedule will accommodate your senior care needs.
  10. Determine that the caregiver can start to care for your mother, father, or loved one when you need senior care to start.
  11. Is the caregiver strong enough to fulfill the jobs you need?  Does he or she know how to use a Hoyer Lift is it is needed?  Is he or she strong enough to lift your senior care patient if he or she falls.
  12. Determine how flexible the caregiver is to help you with your elderly love one needing homecare. If you need the caregiver to change their senior care hours, can they change their own schedule?
  13. As about their prior jobs as a caregiver for the elderly and their experience with senior care.  Where was their last job in senior care? How long were they there? Why did they leave that home care client? Ask if you can contact people who hired them in the past for senior care.
  14. Other areas you should ask the caregiver about are: cooking for seniors, experience with Dementia and Alzheimer’s care, and in past senior care jobs did they have to work with emotional home care patients


Other Important Points to Consider In A Caregiver Senior Care Interview

Every senior person needing home health care and home companions have their own personal situations, but there are certain business issues you should focus on for your elderly loved one needing home health care:

  1. How do you correspond with the caregiver best?  Phone or email? Do they own a computer or smart phone?
  2. Try to protect yourself with one more layer of protection in safe home healthcare caregiver hiring … ask the caregiver if they are willing to sign a document saying they will not accept money or gifts from your elderly parents or loved one.
  3. Set up processes for the caregiver to keep your family up to date on the care and aging in place of your senior loved one.
  4. And always ask for references … both personal and professional from past home healthcare caregiver jobs.

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