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The New OldTo me, wearing high heels is a symbol of not giving in to stereotypes of aging. It’s an attitude. The attitude is, “I’m here for a while and don’t want to be ignored. I’m still feminine, I’m still relevant, and I’m still vital!” I’ve always thought blogs were silly until I realized I had so much I wanted to say about this subject. Now I get it! They’re not silly, they’re brilliant! It’s a way to exchange thoughts in this era of communication we all live in. Aging is complicated, especially when there is a little Stage lV cancer thrown in, as there is in my case. A little case of cancer is like a little pregnant. But everyone has something, don’t they? That’s what aging is, right? Things are so different today than they were in your mother’s day, and definitely very different than it was in my mother’s day. We are the “New Old.” We’re a group of people who keep redefining and reinventing ourselves, over and over. We live longer and are in better shape than any generation before us. I have so many feelings about growing older that I want to discuss with you and want to share, such as my insights about living with cancer or any other life threatening disease. I was told I had two months to live and here I am ten years later…feeling great! I have been so blessed, and I look forward to exchanging ideas, tips and a few solutions I have learned along the way. So, put on your high heels and walk along side me while we all grow older, wiser and live out loud…together. Beverlye Hyman Fead “If you ask me what I came into this world to do, I will tell you; I came to live out loud” –Emile Zola


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Aging in High Heals

Beverlye Hyman Fead is an author, artist, photographer and public speaker living with cancer. Aging in High Heels is her online zine filled with witty and inspirational content about aging with acceptance, humor and style.